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USB Instant Milk Bottle Warmer

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Convenient Flushing System

Babies get impatient and cry when hungry. The DR. GREEN - Instant Milk Bottle solves the frustrating problem of having to wait for the water to boil just to make milk for your baby.

What originally took more than 5 minutes can now be completed in less than 5 seconds!

Smart Thermostat  

The heating sleeve ensures that the water is constantly between 39 to 48 degrees. This is the ideal temperature for feeding your baby.

High Quality & Durable

Like all parents, we want our milk bottles to be safe and non-toxic. That is why the DR. GREEN - Instant Milk Bottle™ is made from PPSU plastic. It is the highest performing thermoplastic in the market that gives the best durability and heat resistance.

PPSU plastic does not absorb odor or color, and is naturally BPA free. Due to it's high melting point, PPSU plastics are also commonly used in aerospace and medical devices that require repeated sterilization.

Though significantly more expensive than other bottles, it makes for a worthy investment if you are willing to spend on a milk bottle that your baby uses 5 to 6 times a day, every day.



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USB Instant Milk Bottle Warmer

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