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Therapy Footbath

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😍 😍 😍 The miraculous powers of footbaths. They can be warming and healing in the winter, soothing and soulful in the spring and fall, and even cooling and refreshing in the summer. But a homemade foot soak does more than help carry you through the seasons: Soaking your feet with certain oils and herbs can boost circulation, help heal certain diseases and has a powerful effect on your body and mind.

Many people believe that in order to benefit from foot soaks, one must enlist the help of a spa professional. However, we’ll show you that not only can you easily make your own foot soaks at home, you have the potential to make homemade foot baths that take care of your entire body — from head to toe.


  • Soaking your feet is a foot bath, which is one of the contents of TCM foot therapy, and it is also a commonly used external therapy.
  • Soak your feet with hot water to relieve fatigue and help you sleep. Soaking feet in hot water can improve local blood circulation, get rid of cold, and promote metabolism.
  • The water should have a certain degree of heat, preferably 40-50 degrees Celsius. The water temperature cannot be too high.
  • The appropriate time for each soaking is 5-10 minutes.
  • It is not advisable to soak your feet within half an hour after a meal. It will affect the blood supply to the stomach and cause malnutrition in the long run.
  • Children should not soak their feet in hot water for a long time. If the elderly feel chest tightness or dizziness, they should stop soaking their feet temporarily and take a rest.
  • The following people are not suitable: patients with varicose veins/thrombosis, patients with lower extremity arterial occlusion, diabetes, women with menstruation.

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Therapy Footbath

Therapy Footbath

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