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Tap Water Purifier for Kitchen Faucet

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Product Details

This mini water purifier provides zero chemicals, healthy, clean, and great tasting water straight from your faucet! It’s easy to install, and is a superior contaminant removal. The best part about it all is that you’ll know your water is 100% safe to drink, and clean with zero worries.


🔥 Beautifully Designed, Expertly Engineered

🔥 Stylish And Compact

Purio is the perfect addition for busy professionals or individuals who value quality of life and water or want to safe money and be economical.

🔥 Tap Water Tastier And Healthier Than Ever 

HEALTHIER WATER - the Multiple Stage Composite Ceramic Filter removes unhealthy microorgansims which would normaly be flushed out through the water in your glass. Healthy water is essential and a key to greater quality of life. 


🔥 SAVE MONEY, NO MORE BOTTLED WATER - Instant tasty drinking water at home for less than 0.02 $ per Liter. Your wallet will be thankful ! 

🔥 GREAT TASTING WATER, WITHOUT A FOUL SMELL - Purio filters unwanted particles like chlorine or heavy metals which cause bad taste and smell, leaving behind filtered clean and healthy drinking water for you and your loved ones. 

BETTER WATER EQUALS BETTER MEALS - Let it be the coffe in the morning or you oatmeal, most of the things require water. You forsure don't want your coffe to taste like chlorine and destroy you whole morning, that's why we invented Purio.

🔥 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - With Purio you reduce unnecessary plastic waste and use therefore 90 times less CO2.


Does It Fit My Faucet ?

Purio fits for 90% of faucets, besides ones with oval or sqaure aerators or spray and sensor faucets. For any other faucets we provide fitting adapters, allowing a user friendly easy installation.

Easy and hassle free return if doesn't fit.

Following faucets don't fit: 

Additional Feature

The filter can be cleaned with sandpape, if you want to maximize filter lifetime.

Package Includes

1 * Purio Filter Base
1 * Ceramic Filter Cartridge
1 * Sandpaper
1 * Universal Adapter
3 * Internal Thread Adapter

3 * External thread Adapter


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Tap Water Purifier for Kitchen Faucet

Tap Water Purifier for Kitchen Faucet

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