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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Oil Press

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  1. Cold pressing involves pressing the material directly without frying or heating it.

  2. Hot pressing, on the other hand, requires heating the material to a temperature of 60-80 degrees Celsius before pressing.

  3. Regardless of whether you choose cold pressing or hot pressing, it's essential to preheat our oil press. The press chamber should be preheated to approximately 200 degrees Celsius. This preheating process is crucial for effectively separating the oil from the material. If the machine isn't adequately heated, the material will only be squeezed into a paste, and the oil cannot be separated.

  4. In the cold pressing mode, the oil is extracted at normal temperatures, resulting in an output temperature of about 40°C. This method ensures that the nutrients in the oil are preserved.

  5. Hot pressing, on the other hand, yields slightly more oil, and the oil produced is often more fragrant. The oil temperature in hot pressing typically ranges from 60-80 degrees Celsius. As a result, hot pressing is generally recommended for oils like rapeseed and peanut, which are considered lower-value cooking oils, where the focus is on maximizing oil yield and flavor. In contrast, cold pressing is more suitable for oils like walnut, flaxseed, almond, and olive kernel, which are high-nutrition supplements. This method helps retain the nutritional value of the oil without significant loss.



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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Oil Press

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