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Upgraded Rehabilitation Robot Hand Gloves

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The therapeutic simulator "Rehabilitation Robot Gloves" is designed for children and adults who have impaired motor function of the hands, as a result of which they cannot independently capture, hold and manipulate objects.

In what cases is the "ROBOT-GLOVE" most effective?

cerebral palsy
patients with muscle contractures
with paralysis
with various spinal injuries
Parkinson's disease
multiple sclerosis
musculoskeletal disorder
after a stroke with neurological disorders
traumatic disorders of the spine and spinal cord
stiffness and dysfunction of the muscles of the hands after surgery
Recovery of the patient with the help of specialized simulators is a long process, however, with the help of regular training under the guidance of a doctor, progress is observed almost from the very beginning of training.

reducing stiffness and immobility of the joints
restoration of blood circulation
reducing muscle stiffness
restoration of muscle performance after atrophy
reduction of increased muscle tone and joint pain
normalization of metabolism and digestion

Training Modes:

Active training
Passive training
Completing tasks
Active mode of mirroring the movements of a healthy hand:

In the active mode, the exercise program provides for the performance of certain actions with a healthy hand according to a given algorithm, forcing the brain to concentrate on visual and tactile sensations and copy impulses into the motor neurons of the injured hand, simultaneously perceiving information from mechanical repetitions of similar actions performed by the robot glove. The nervous system, brain and muscles are trained simultaneously.

Passive finger flexion and extension training mode:

In the passive mode, an active rehabilitation glove is put on the affected hand and training is performed according to predetermined algorithms to restore motor function and develop hand motor skills. It is recommended to perform flexion and extension exercises for at least 20 minutes each 2 to 4 times a day.

Movement training mode for completing tasks:

Using an active rehabilitation glove, the patient grabs a water bottle (or ball, or other) on the table in front of him with his injured hand, brings it to his mouth, puts it in its place, pours water into another cup and puts the bottle back in place. Or, holding the door handle, trains to turn it and open the door. At home, various exercises are recommended to be performed for at least 20 minutes each 2 to 4 times a day.

Color Therapy:

The active glove is painted in a color that, according to the research of the world's leading institutions, contributes to the appearance of cheerfulness, good mood and enthusiasm, as it is located in the zone of warm activating color shades. This color also symbolizes health, happiness and fulfilling life.

Color options: Orange

Age: For adults and children

Stimulation method:

Active and passive modes of neuronal excitation of the cerebral cortex



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Upgraded Rehabilitation Robot Hand Gloves

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