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Mosquito Killer

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1. The grid voltage is about 3000V when working

2. After the mosquito swatter is stopped, it has the function of automatically clearing the remaining power on the high-voltage mesh surface;

3. Safe use, double safety switch, ON2: working/mosquito trap mode, ON1: working mode (need to press the button below the indicator light to forcefully kill mosquitoes), OFF: shutdown position

4. With protections such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, load short circuit, etc., it can accurately detect the charging voltage to ensure charging safety


1.1. Manual mosquito swatter mode 2. The base is an intelligent physical mosquito killer mode (purple light catches mosquitoes, uses 6 LED lamp beads, 360-degree surround light, truly achieves no blind spots for mosquito catching)

2. Base charging: charge when you put it out, while charging, you can turn on the mosquito killer mode

3. Safe use, prevent children from touching, parents are more at ease

4. Convenient storage: when not in use, it can be placed on the base as an ornament

Package Included:

Mosquito Killer*1

usb charging cable*1


Manual *1


When the mosquito killer is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your fingers into the net, please keep it away from children and pets



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