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Digital Waterfall Kitchen Sink

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Product Details

Our range of kitchen sinks will support your kitchen. Each sink is built to grades for optimum performance, including support for sturdiness, hygiene and strong corrosion resistance. These sinks have a wonderful modern design and also come with waste and filters. Every kitchen needs kitchen accessories, high quality, beautiful sinks and cleaner sinks. Make you fall in love with the kitchen and bring convenience to the kitchen.

Product parameters:

Product name: Sink

Product material: stainless steel

Size: 68X45CM, 75X45CM

Sink height size: 22Cm

Manufacturing: Integral stretch forming of stainless steel plates

Surface technology: Soft oiled brushed surface

Product features: large capacity, no dirt, intelligent digital display, double-layer slide rail design can move left and right

Uses: Can wash dishes, fruits and vegetables.

Product features: brushed surface, stainless steel texture! Good stability, not only not dazzling, but also can withstand repeated wear and tear of porcelain and tableware, easy to clean.

Applicable On: Can be used in hotels, restaurants, homes, etc.


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Digital Waterfall Kitchen Sink
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Digital Waterfall Kitchen Sink

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