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Ball Bounce Challenge: The Interactive Card Board Game

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This name reflects the key elements of the game, which involve bouncing balls to match shapes on draw cards.

  1. Draw Card: Each player takes turns drawing a card from a deck. Each card has a unique design that includes hole positions, forming a specific shape.

  2. Bounce Ball: After drawing a card, the player then uses a ball to bounce it into a tray or playing area. The goal is to bounce the ball in a way that it lands in a specific position on the tray.

  3. Match Shape: The position where the ball lands on the tray should match the shape depicted on the draw card. If the ball lands in the correct position, the player gets to keep the card they drew. If it doesn't match, the card is returned to the deck.

  4. Accumulate Cards: Players continue taking turns, drawing cards, bouncing balls, and trying to match the shapes. Each time a player successfully matches a shape, they collect that card. The game continues until all the cards have been drawn from the deck.

  5. Determine the Winner: Once all the cards have been collected, the game ends. The player with the most cards in their possession is declared the winner.



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Ball Bounce Challenge: The Interactive Card Board Game

Ball Bounce Challenge: The Interactive Card Board Game

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