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Anti-Slip Mat

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PVC Foaming Non Slip Mat Mattress Sofa Mat Antiskid Net Cloth Household Carpet Yoga Mat Anti-skid Fixing Base Fabric

[product name]: multifunctional anti slip pad

[product gram weight]: 180g

[product material]: PVC foaming odourless square cell grid


1. Car trunk - it is laid on the back of the trunk. Even if you brake hard during driving, the luggage in the trunk will not slide at will.

2. Car bridge and seat - DIY cuts its own favorite shapes to facilitate the placement of small items (such as mobile phones, perfume, etc.) to prevent falling.

3. On the floor at home - anti slip and heat preservation; If there is a carpet at home, it is most suitable to put it under the carpet.

4. Tea table, kitchen, Vase - the pots and pans in the kitchen, the teacups, glass ashtrays and other fragile items on the tea table can be safely protected.

5. Open the bottle cap that is not easy to open, such as the can head bottle -- cover it with a small anti-skid pad, and the bottle cap that is difficult to open can be easily opened.

6. You can also make yoga mats - large enough, soft and comfortable to sit on





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Anti-Slip Mat

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