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Angel Wings Temporary Tattoo Stickers

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👨‍💻Master the Art of Applying Your Tattoo!

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  1. Prep the area for your tattoo, ensuring it's clean and dry.

  2. Peel off the tattoo film and place it face down on your desired spot, gently pressing to adhere.

  3. Dampen a towel or use a small watering can to soak the paper entirely.

  4. Hold the tattoo in place for 20 seconds, then peel away gently. Watch as it transforms into a deep blue or black hue within 24 hours, depending on your skin!

  5. For optimal results, refrain from sweating or showering for 6 hours. Stay hydrated, moisturized, and, of course, flaunt your new ink!


⏱️【Color Development】

Initially subtle, the tattoo gradually intensifies over several hours, reaching full color after 24-36 hours. Expect it to last 1-2 weeks.

👉3-6 days【Ear/Shoulder/Neck/Hand】

👉6-10 days【Arm/Body Torso】

👉10-15 days【Thigh/Calf/Ankle】

(Color development and retention times vary by body part and individual.)


👋【Removal Process】

Tattoos reside in the skin's epidermis, making immediate removal impossible. They'll naturally fade with your skin's metabolism.

For expedited removal: Apply warm water compresses for 15 minutes, then gently scrub with makeup remover several times daily.



  1. Tattoos take 24-36 hours to fully develop.

  2. Consider wearing long sleeves during sleep to prevent transfer printing.

  3. Avoid excessive sweating before full color development to prevent smudging.

  4. Use promptly for optimal results.



*Avoid using on wounds!

*Not for consumption.

*Avoid eye contact.

*Not suitable for pregnant women and children under 9.

*If allergic to plants, refrain from use or consult a doctor before use. Conduct a sensitivity test if uncertain about skin compatibility.

*In case of allergic reaction, wash the skin with clean water, apply soothing ointment, and seek medical advice promptly. Avoid scratching the skin!



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