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6-piece Set Silicone Muscle Power Hand Grip

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Forearm and elbow pain is common among people who participate in repetitive activities that primarily use the flexor muscles of the forearm. Weightlifters, rock climbers, mechanics and musicians (just to name a few) are far more likely to develop Repetitive Strain Injury than most people. In fact, tendonitis and carpal tunnel are some of the MOST common injuries among weightlifters due to the strain caused by the repetitive movements under heavy loads!

Extensor exercises are recommended by professionals for rehabilitation of these conditions but ideally you would do yourself a HUGE favor and avoid injury in the first place! Or at least prevent an acute case from becoming chronic. Introducing: 

🤜 Silicone Muscle Power Hand Grip 🤛

🔥 WHAT IT DOES: Training with  Silicone Muscle Power Hand Grip is a simple solution to the problem that can prevent pain, stabilize your wrist and elbow, improve musculature and make you more resistant to injury by strengthening and balancing the underdeveloped muscle groups of your forearm
🔥 MADE FOR EVERYONE: Our grips are helpful for anyone that participates in repetitive activities like weightlifting, rock climbing, and mechanics. The grips will also help relieve pain from conditions like Carpal Tunnel and Tennis Elbow
🔥 FULL OF BENEFITS: Training with  Silicone Muscle Power Hand Grip helps to prevent injuries, increase grip strength, balance forearm musculature, stabilized wrist and elbow joints, improve muscle tone, and assists with faster injury recovery
🔥 COMPLETE SET: This complete  Silicone Muscle Power Hand Grip set contains three resistance levels; light (green), moderate (gray), and heavy (blue).
🔥 HOW TO USE: Place loops over second digit of each finger and open hand as far as possible for 10 - 20 reps, repeat 3-5 times on each hand every 2 days. Discontinue use if experiencing pain or numbness from exercises


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6-piece Set Silicone Muscle Power Hand Grip

6-piece Set Silicone Muscle Power Hand Grip

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