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20000mAh Car Wash Gun Washer

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Product Details

• High Pressure Cleaning :The 20000mAh Car Wash Gun Washer Spray Nozzle provides high-pressure cleaning, making it efficient in removing dirt and grime from your car or home.


• Versatile Use :This water gun and snow foam lance can be used for car washing, home cleaning, and garden cleaning, making it a versatile tool for all your cleaning needs.


• Durable Material :Made of copper and engineering plastic, this water gun and snow foam lance is durable and can withstand frequent use without breaking or wearing out easily.


• Easy to Use :The palm type handle makes it easy to use and control the water flow, making it ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professional cleaners.


Specification :


100% New: We check every machine with water. it flow out some water is normal.

Material: ABS and copper

Power Supply:Lithium battery

Weight: 20000mAh

Product pressure: 60Bar

Drive: Lithium battery wireless drive

Speed: 20000 rpm

Maximum flow: 10L/min

Jet stroke: 6-10 meters

Water pipe length: 5 meters

Car washing equipment type: household car washing machine

Water source type: faucet self-priming

Scope of application: car washing, watering flowers, watering vegetables, spraying, garden cleaning, etc.


Features :


1. Special material waterproof, water and electricity isolation is safer

2. Self-priming/faucet 2 water inlet methods, more convenient to take water

3. 3 Water types adjustable

4.With temperature protection function, automatic shutdown of over temperature and overload, eliminating safety hazards

5.Large amount of water, easy to absorb water

6. A variety of high-quality extension accessories, cleaning is more convenient and clean

7. Multifunctional high-pressure cleaning, very suitable for car washing, garden watering, agricultural irrigation and daily cleaning

8. Simple installation, quick plug-in installation of all interfaces


Package included:


1x Washing Machine

1x Lithium battery

1x Type-C charing port

1x 5m Water pipe

1x 0° Outlet head

1x 45° Outlet head

1x Coke bottle adapter

1x Extension Rod

1x Filter

1x Foam pot

1x Manual


Question & Answer:


1 No water after startup?


A. Machine may entered air: please connect the faucet, running water will discharge the air, then used normally.


B. Press button more than 15 seconds. let the water inhale the gun body.


2Low water pressure after starting?


A. Hose bend: straighten the hose


B. Connector is loose: press water connector directly,twice to hear a click


C. Dead battery: please charge


3 The machine does not start


A. Dead battery: please charge


B. Battery immersion: shake the battery upside down a few times


C. Inserts loose: corners and middle of the battery circuit board to pressed tightly


4 Foam bottle can't spray?


Need to wait for the water to drain before spraying the cleaning agent.


5 Scan the QR code to see problem ideo:



Warm Tips:


1.After the car wash machine is used, it should run empty for a few seconds to drain the residual water in the machine, avoid oxidizing dirt and freezing for weather reasons, and store it in a dry and cool place.


2.Do not store in the trunk of the car in hot weather to avoid fire caused by high temperature.


3.Batteries need to be kept away from water.Remove the battery after use, so as not to affect battery life.





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