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Waterproof Cover

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Product Details

1. Health Improvement: 100% waterproof cover protects your injured part. Ideal for the watertight protection of casts, bandages, rashes, abrasions, burns, skin problem, wounds Lines
2. Easy To Put On: Easy to fit and remove. Helps to prevent infections caused by a damp, unhygienic cast or dressing.
3. Environmental Protection: Reusable, durable and thick, durable rubber won't rip. Light, hygiene, washable material which is non slippery
4. High-quality & Stretchable: The seal circle is made with high-quality materials and stretches easy to accommodate most size arms and casts.

 Why choose TIKE waterproof arm cast cover for shower?
1. Waterproof design. Convenient for shower or bath to prevent water from damaging your cast.
2. Odorless material. Safe for use, especially for people recovering from injuries, surgeries.
3. Snug and comfortable opening. Easy to pull on and off in a non-painful way while keep the blood circulation.
4. Durable to use. Suitable for the entire process of rehabilitation.
5. High quality PVC, polypropylene and durable medical grade rubber that won't rip or tear.

Fits for Most Male and Female and Kids
1. Keep out of children's reach unless under adult's supervision.
2. Please control the wear time within 30 minutes to prevent cutting blood circulation.
3. Be careful to avoid any sharp edges when putting on or taking off.
4. Don't expose the protector to heat or flames.
5. Plastic is slippery when wet,be careful of wet surfaces of protectors.

1. Recommend for shower, bath and other light outdoor activities when recovering from injuries, surgeries, accidents or suffering from medical conditions.
2. Don't recommend swimming with this waterproof cast cover.

The best of health!

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Waterproof Cover

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