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Insect Bite Relieve Itching Pen

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👾 In the blink of an eye, the weather became warmer, and the mosquitoes had to become active again, so mosquito repellent, insecticide, etc. gradually became a must-have for many people. These products can help you get rid of them, but if you have already been bitten, don’t throw it, it is better to try the new product which has been recently launched at MiOT crowdfunding platform.

The Pretty Dragonfly infrared antipruritic stick uses infrared pulse technology to relieve itching in 10 seconds. So you do not need any other products like mosquito bite relief creams.

No need to fear mosquito bites, 10 seconds can relieve itching
10 seconds quickly to stop itching and swelling,
It's safer and more effective to stop itching in a physical way,
Small and portable, For the whole family
Rejection of drug allergies and chemical residues
When a mosquito bites, the injected ant acid can cause tingling, itching and swelling of the skin.
Stopping itching by traditional chemical methods can easily cause chemical residues and,
in severe cases, may cause skin irritation. 
The product uses safer and more efficient physical thermal pulse technology,
which accelerates the decomposition of ant acid in 10 seconds,
making it more secure to Efficient break itching.
Precision and intelligent temperature control, a more user friendly experience
Without worrying about low temperature burns, 
built in precision intelligent temperature control technology ensures that
the temperature is always maintained at a safe range of 30 49 degrees Celsius during use. 
Wave warming technology gently relieves skin discomfort more gently.
No need for cumbersome operations, open button to use
The machine weighs only 40g (including battery),
is small enough to master, can easily put into any conventional size of the pocket,
more convenient at any time to use.
Double protection for more cleaning
Double clean protection based on the minimalist design.
In addition to uniform temperature, corrosion resistance, anti allergy,
the ceramic heat guide has the characteristics of easy cleaning. 
Unique product cases prevent direct contact with the product from the source of contamination.
Ultra low power consumption, only 2pcs NO.7 (AAA) batteries, 
can be used repeatedly, laboratory determined, can be cycled up to more than 200 times.


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Insect Bite Relieve Itching Pen

Insect Bite Relieve Itching Pen

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