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Honey Jar Dispenser

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Serve Honey and Syrup Without the Mess!

This Crystal Honey Dispenser SOLVES all those problems that usually come with honey bottles. It STORES it warm and pours honey with EASE. Never waste a drop, and never get yourself sticky again!

Honey Dispenser

Everybody loves the well-known honey bear squeeze bottles, but this nondrip syrup dispenser is a more sophisticated alternative. Traditional syrup bottles and honey dispensers drip and spill, making the bottle sticky and creating an all-around mess.

Simply fill the glass base with warm water, set the honey dispenser on top and wait a few minutes for the honey to warm up. Slide the trigger-release top open, pour out the exact amount of honey you like, and release the trigger to close the opening—tightly and securely.

No drips, no sticky messes!

The best way to store and dispense honey, syrup, condensed milk, and many more substances. This honey dispenser pours out from the bottom instead of the top and has a nondrip function that prevents the spout from getting gummed up with excess honey.

This nondrip honey dispenser is a beautiful and unique piece that is a must-have for any restaurant or home bar. 

The clear glass of this nondrip syrup dispenser allows you to enjoy not just the sweet taste of its contents, but also the rich coloring. The glass features an attractive honeycomb design that makes it the perfect eye-catching addition to any home, restaurant, bar or diner.

EASY  to store, easy to wash and makes the GREATEST  gift idea. The Crystal Honey Dispenser has a CHROME-PLATED  handle and lid, making it easy to wash, and its trigger release gives you total control over the flow of honey.

How to Fill:

  1. Remove lid and pour honey or syrup into the glass dispenser.
  2. Place the dispenser on a flat surface, like a plate or saucer, as you fill it. This will help catch any honey or syrup that drips out of the bottom while filling.
  3. Promptly secure lid, keeping it over the plate or saucer.
  4. Once the lid is back in place, the stopper will keep the honey from dripping out.
  5. Just push the top trigger when you’re ready to add honey or syrup to your food.


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Honey Jar Dispenser

Honey Jar Dispenser

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