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HD WiFi Camera

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OLPAY Spherical Capsule Camera

Practical & Affordable Security Solution. OLPAY Spherical Capsule Camera is a very thoughtful smart security camera for your family and business. Easy to install camera with super flexible storage and internet connection. Designed to be the ultimate Spherical Capsule security camera. It enables multiple use scenarios – place it anywhere in your house. Protect your Privacy and secure connection through its excellent design and Cloud Service. Perfectly packed with AI-based smart features from motion, human, abnormal sounds detection to guard your property, day & night.

Flexible monitoring with 360° tracking

On top of the excellent optic and 1080P image quality, the OLPAY Spherical Capsule featuring direction control, motion tracking (10 sec). The camera can track up to 355° Horizontal & 110° Vertical rotation range to create a complete 360°coverage. Flexible storage option and support Ethernet.

Edge AI: Human Detection

The AI-powered human detection provides smarter and faster alerts. This camera can detect a moving human at up to 20 FPS, which means it can recognize a person running and differentiate it from other motion, such as flying insects, small pets, or light changes, and send accurate human detection alerts directly to your smartphone.

Abnormal Sound Detection

OLPAY Spherical Capsule can identify abnormal sounds within a range of 5 meters. When detecting sounds, Yoosee immediately sends a 6-second alert tone to your mobile phone. Now you can be instantly aware of unusual activities.

Excellent Night Guard

Enhanced night vision with IR lights featuring 150° wide-angle lens, high resolution 1080P HD, and enhanced night vision capabilities.

Time Lapse Feature

Compress up to 6 hours into a fun clip between 5-30 seconds. Longer time-lapse options (up to 12 hours) are available.

Peace of mind is just a tap away.

Whether you’re away on vacation or just not home, you can use the Yoosee app to keep tabs on your sitter, check in on your pets, or simply monitor your house.

Physical display


The device supports 2.4 GHz WiFi connection only. Before connecting the camera, please ensure the WIFi is 2.4 GHz. The device supports 128G card storage at maximum and the TF card should be formatted with FAT32 format. The device uses loop record technique, when TF card is full, the camera will cover the earliest files automatically to save new videos. Please do not install the product in a harsh environment. The product may be damaged if exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, dust and smoke etc. The Yoosee App and the device firmware will be updated occasionally. Please update when the software notifies you that an update is available. The device will be automatically bound with the Yoosee account after connecting to network. Before binding a new Yoosee account, please unbind the device with the first Yoosee account. Yoosee CMS is available in windows PC for camera surveillance. Please go to http://www.yoosee.co and download to install.


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Return & Refund Policy

We have a 15-day return policy, which means you have 15 days after receiving your item to request a return.

For more information about our Return & Refund policy, please visit: https://leccio.co/policies/refund-policy


We ship to most countries in the world and your package will arrive between 10-20 business days depending on your geographic location and availability of stock. Kindly note that our Singapore, China and Hongkong warehouse will be on holiday on Jan 21st to Jan 27th 2023 as celebration of Lunar New Year. During that period, order processing and shipping from these warehouses may be delayed about 7 working days. Your patience on this will be appreciated.

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HD WiFi Camera
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HD WiFi Camera

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